How to buy a car with bad credit

Being in the auto industry and automotive financing, we are often asked by customers how to buy a car with bad credit. A credit score reflects a consumer’s credit worthiness and their ability to repay a loan. However, as we all know, sometimes there’s a rough patch, a sickness where medical bills and collections add […]

Frequently asked question: Why do you need to run my credit?

Some customers ask us, ‘if we finance bad credit, why must we pull their credit report?’ While the credit score itself does not disqualify a customer from getting a loan at Mark’s Auto Sales and the buy here pay here program, we still run the report for a couple of reasons. It helps us verify […]

Your payment and interest rate won’t change

In a time when we hear news about the economy every day, we become more conscious of our own financial decisions. Mark’s Auto Sales is prepared for these times, as we have secured millions of dollars to make auto loans to our Colorado used car buyers. When the news talks about interest rates, remember that […]

A couple question survey to prove you too can get a car loan!

Can you prove your income? Can you prove your residence with a lease or dated mail like a bill? Do you know your friends’ contact info to have them as a reference? Do you have a driver’s license? Can you get insurance (or already have auto insurance)? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you’re […]

When you close on your used car loan at Mark’s Auto Sales

Lately we’ve all been hearing the economic news for the United States.  It has many Americans as well as car buyers nervous because they don’t know how the news will affect them. Making a car purchase is a big decision and we thought we would clear some frequently asked questions about car payments and interest […]

Mark’s Auto Sales has 3 common car loan options for Denver car buyers

Buy Here Pay Here Financing – can approve a wide range of credit and applications.  So if you have a poor credit score from a bankruptcy, from high medical bills and collections, or a divorce – we understand your story.  But even better we have a way you can get back on your feet with […]

How our loan program is different from other Buy Here Pay Here dealers

If you need to get a used car but not sure how to get a loan approved because of one of a wide variety of credit mishaps. We have a financing program for you.  And this is how our loan program stands apart from others. *Our loans are for 40 months or less — Compare […]

Drive off from Mark’s Auto Sales with an approved loan

Don’t let a dealer string out the approval process for you! So you have a low credit score, a bankruptcy, a repossession, a few late payments, or simply no credit. That doesn’t mean that you should be left waiting for days and days to find out if you will get approved.  Or even worse, you […]

Make your payments and be eligible to trade up

Have you heard that you can build your credit with Mark’s Auto Sales when you make your payments on time? Make your car loan payments on time. Not only will you build your credit beacon score, but you will build your credit with Mark’s Auto Sales. When you build your credit with Mark’s Auto Sales […]

The underwriting difference between bank and dealer loans

Many customers are searching for a used car and an auto loan, but don’t know the inner workings on how their loan is approved.  If you loan is approved with a bank or credit union, you probably don’t think twice except for what color seat covers you want to put in your new car. Yet […]

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