The Top Six Questions to Ask Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

If you’re shopping for a car and have bad credit, you may have decided that you need buy here pay here financing to get approved.  Or perhaps you have applied at a dealership and got turned down for bank financing, so you were referred to a buy here pay here dealer.  You may have some […]

What To Do After Buying A Car

Congrats on your car purchase. If you’re like many buyers you spent time and consideration picking out the right vehicle, researching where to buy your car, and your financing options. While those big decisions are now past you, don’t forget about what to do after buying a car. We organized a step by step guide […]

Does buy here pay here mean there’s no credit check?

There are a lot of people looking for “no credit check car loans.”  These customers usually know that their credit is fair or poor, and may have been turned down for bank or credit union auto financing before.  They may have heard that dealer financing, or buy here pay here financing can get them approved […]

Ways to Save a Car Down Payment

You can think of your down payment as buying power when you are in the market to buy a car.  The down payment can affect the financing that you are able to receive, as the lender considers you more invested in paying off that vehicle as you have a sizeable amount already in it when […]

The Ten Most Desired SUV Features

It helps to know what you’re looking for when you’re shopping for your next vehicle. If you’re in the market for an SUV, read on for some details about some of the most requested and favorite vehicle features… 4WD and AWD Not all SUVs are built the same. Some SUV models come just as 2WD […]

Reasons Not to Lend Out Your Vehicle

When you loan your car out you are assuming a large amount of liability and risk.  If you loan your car out to a person and that person doesn’t have a valid drivers license and gets into an accident you can ultimately be responsible.  Ask yourself the question” is this person covered by my insurance”?  […]

Downpayment on your car loan

One of the most frequently asked questions at our car lot is how much down payment is needed to get into a car. While some of our cars are available for $400 or $500 down, there are several reasons why you should consider saving up more down payment. You can decrease the term of your […]

Things to Check on the Test Drive

The test drive is an important part of your car purchase. This is your chance to drive one or more used cars and decide which will be yours for the next several years. A test drive may only be 10 or 15 minutes per vehicles, but, there are several things you will want to remember […]

It Has Been a Cold Winter in Colorado – Visit Our Heated Showroom

So far it has been a cold winter in Colorado, and across the country, with polar vortexes, a pineapple express, and arctic blasts.  While it’s hard to get yourself out of the house on those really cold, or windy days, especially when you need to buy a car, Mark’s Auto Sales has a solution for […]

Tips to Save Up Money for Your Down Payment

Your down payment directly relates to your purchasing power when shopping for a used car with buy here pay here financing. Even with a less than perfect credit score, a larger down payment will make you a better applicant for financing. When down payment is key, here are a few tips we’ve come up with […]

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