The bunny on drums says check out Mark’s Auto Sales! 🐰

The bunny on drums says check out Mark’s Auto Sales!

Customer Testimonial Tuesday

Thank you Kurt, for the great review on Yelp.

Marks Auto Sales is excited to announce that we are now on Snapchat!

ADD US ON SNAPCHAT! Marks Auto Sales is excited to announce that we are now on Snapchat. Follow us to be the first to know about our giveaways, special events, coupons and inventory announcements. Our Snapchat username is marksautosales

September 2016 TV Winner

Congrats Cristi, our customer drawing winner who won a new TV!

Don’t Pay the Dealer Prep and Handling Fee!

Mark’s Auto Sales has eliminated the dealer prep and handling fee!  You won’t see D&H included in our prices because unlike most dealers, we don’t charge it. Check out our inventory at

Things to Check on the Test Drive

The test drive is an important part of your car purchase. This is your chance to drive one or more used cars and decide which will be yours for the next several years. A test drive may only be 10 or 15 minutes per vehicles, but, there are several things you will want to remember […]

Find Our Ad On

We are excited to have a new presence on the popular Colorado news station, 9 News’ website. Lakewood area viewers of will now see our ad and profile.  We had a new video created to introduce you to our dealership for those who haven’t visited us before.  You can check it out below. We […]

Mark’s Auto Sales, Car loans approved and business as usual on a snow day!

Waiting for the bus or your buddy to pick you up on a snowy day is, well, COLD! If you don’t have your own car because you don’t think you can be approved, think again! Mark’s Auto Sales is open, even on a snowy day with a variety of cars, trucks and SUVs.  We have […]

There are other options than resorting to a cheap cash car on it’s last leg…

Looking for cheap cars but not finding what you’re looking for? Need a car, truck or suv but don’t think you can be financed? If traditional auto loans and banks are turning you down, there is still financing available. Have you heard of buy here pay here? The dealer will finance you instead of the […]

Winter has hit early in Denver and Mark’s Auto Sales

Winter weather alert yesterday and today throughout the Denver metro area. Schools are shut, along with many businesses. So you would imagine that inventory is snowed over at every car dealership in the front range. Nope! At least not at Mark’s Auto Sales. Mark’s Auto Sales is open for business and has inventory kept dry […]

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