What do I need to know about the Equifax cybersecurity attack?

You may have heard on the news last week that Equifax was affected by a major cybersecurity attack.  You may be wondering what does this mean.  Are you affected?  And what do you need to do to protect your credit? First of all, who is Equifax®?  “Equifax Inc. is a consumer credit reporting agency in […]

Frequently asked question: Why do you need to run my credit?

Some customers ask us, ‘if we finance bad credit, why must we pull their credit report?’ While the credit score itself does not disqualify a customer from getting a loan at Mark’s Auto Sales and the buy here pay here program, we still run the report for a couple of reasons. It helps us verify […]

Cars for good credit and bad credit

Have you been shopping around for a vehicle and loan? Not all dealerships have the same loan programs available.  Even worse, sometimes you go home with your ‘new car’ to learn that your loan wasn’t approved and you have to bring it back (and pay fees for driving it). But not all dealerships are the […]

Buy Here Pay Here Loans: Credit Score or Ability to Pay

You may have heard buy here pay here dealerships say ‘Everyone is Approved.’  At a buy here pay here the underwriting process is a little bit different than with a traditional bank. A car loan with a traditional bank is approved by how your credit looks on paper.  You either have the credit score and […]

Q&A: Can I rebuild my bad credit with a car loan?

For those looking at ways to improve their credit, they may have heard that paying on an auto loan will help. And it will, as long as you pay on time.  Lenders look at payment history, and so does the credit bureau.  Make on time payments for a car loan and other credit and it […]

Breaking News: On time car payments help build credit!

So it may not come as a shock, but making your car payments (well actually any loan payments) on time can help you build or rebuild your credit. Did you know that up to 35% of your credit score is based on payment history? It is, and it is the largest single component to your […]

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