7 Tips to Prevent Your Car or Possessions in Your Car, From Being Stolen

Did you know that a thief may be able to get away with your vehicle in less than a minute? It is a good reminder for all of us to be a little more conscious of our vehicle and its contents, after watching this ABC News special. Ask around and you will hear tips on […]

Car Seat Safety – Are you sure your kids are buckled in properly?

Do you have young kids of your own, or sometimes transport kids under the age of 12?  If so you probably have a car seat, or more belted into your backseat.  But are you really sure that your kids are properly buckled in, and the seat is secured properly?  There are car seat inspection stations […]

Safely install a Car Seat

According to SeatCheck.org 7 of 10 kids are using a car seat that is not properly installed.  As a parent you check safety recalls, protect your children from household chemicals under the sink, but is your car as safe as it can be when driving your kids? First it is a good idea to read […]

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