Find the Right Small Fuel Efficient Used Car

Car Salesman Showing KeysWhy buy a small fuel efficient used car?

Colorado drivers average 13,443 annual miles.  The vehicle you choose will make a huge difference in the amount that you spend on gas alone.  At $2.15/gallon, and driving the same as the average Colorado driver, the savings between a vehicle getting 20 mpg vs 30 mpg is $481.71. That’s a lot of money, even the difference of a car payment or two.  First and foremost it’s important to pick out what you need in a vehicle.  If you don’t need the extra passenger capacity, the extra space for cargo, or the extra horsepower, a small efficient used car will save you money.

What makes for a fuel efficient car?

  • Bigger isn’t always better: the bigger the engine, or the bigger and therefore heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it will need. Pick a vehicle that is adequate but doesn’t exceed your number of passengers and your transportation needs.
  • Manual vs automatic transmission. Manual transmission vehicles average higher gas efficiency than their automatic transmission counterparts.
  • Size of the engine. The larger the engine, the more fuel it will need to fire.

Browse Our Inventory of Used Cars

We have a variety of small fuel efficient used cars available at any time.  New inventory arrives every week. Browse our used car inventory or give us a call. We have been in your community for over 30 years, helping drivers, like yourself buy and finance their next vehicle.

Our Car Buyers Say It Best

I was looking for a fuel efficient car. Found what I wanted. My sales person Mo went above & beyond to help me reestablish my credit. All I can say is Thank God I came here & worked with Mo! – Brian

After a frustrating experience with CarMax we had almost given up hope. We agreed to try one last place. Mark greeted us friendly and promised to do everything in his power to put us in something more efficient. It took a few hours, a few mistakes on paperwork, lol, and lots of laughs. But he did it! So excited to drive away! Thank you Mark! – Tiffany and Aaron

I needed a newer car to get back and forth to work. I have no credit to speak of.  Mark worked with me to find a low mileage, low down payment and high mpg car so I can keep working. If it wasn’t for Marks I would probably be walking soon and out of work. – Kris

Mo was our salesman and with our pressure and without being pushy he sold us a Hyundai. He encouraged us to take it for a test spin and then allowed us to take the car for two hours so we could get additional feedback from other family members. He was honest about “issues” when we originally looked around, listened to our needs and didn’t waste our time. He showed us everything we needed and was fun in the process. – Bethany

What Are Your Used Car Needs?



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