Our adjusted business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic Our sales department is open by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday-Saturday. Same-day appointments are usually available. Call us at 303-592-7725 or inquire on our website to schedule your appointment for a test drive and financing approval. Our collections staff is working remotely. If you need to discuss your auto account, email us at metacollections@metafsi.com with your name and phone number. More info about reaching our sales and collections departments...

Mark’s Auto Sales Customer Dia’s Testimonial

Thank you Dia for visiting Mark’s Auto Sales when it came time to purchase your vehicle. We are glad to be able to help!

The service I received was outstanding. Curtis was very professional with his service. The communication was wonderful. The option of cars was wonderful. I will refer anyone to come in. I’m very pleased with the service and transportation produced today! – Dia

Mark Auto Customer Dia