The Ten Most Desired SUV Features

It helps to know what you’re looking for when you’re shopping for your next vehicle. If you’re in the market for an SUV, read on for some details about some of the most requested and favorite vehicle features…

4WD and AWD

selector knob for SUV: 2Hi, A4WD, 4Hi, 4Lo

Not all SUVs are built the same. Some SUV models come just as 2WD vehicles.  Others have options to switch between 2-Hi, All Wheel Drive, 4-Hi, 4-Lo.  This makes for better winter and mountain driving, as many people expect out of an SUV.

Third Row Seating

third row seating in an SUV

Most people think of an SUV as a more versatile alternative to a mini-van.  Third row seating in many models allows up to seven passengers, and can easily be converted to store more gear into the cargo space.


sunroof of an SUV

This added feature for many models allows you to cool down the car faster, enjoy some extra sunlight while driving, and is very nice to use to check that your bike or skis are secure while you’re driving.

Hitch/Towing Package

Chevrolet Trailblazer with a tow package installed

It’s not called a “Sports” Utility Vehicle if you can’t bring your toys along.  Whether you have a hitch bike rack, need room for extra cargo with a storage box, or want to pull along a camper, boat, dirt bike, snowmobile, this feature will help you get the most sporting capacity out of your SUV.

Alloy Wheels

alloy wheels on a Chevrolet Tahoe

Not only do they look better, they perform better.  Alloy wheels weigh less than steel wheels but are usually stronger, and allow quicker acceleration and quicker stopping power.

Luggage Racks

luggage rack on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Some basic trim packages do not have luggage racks or crossbars standard on their models.  Therefore if you want to install a bike rack, ski rack, or cargo box, there are additional components that must be purchased.  Be sure to read the owner’s manual for your vehicle to make sure you do not exceed the capacity of your luggage racks.

Power Seats / Memory Seats / Heated Seats

Chevrolet drivers side controls for power and heated seating

These are some luxury features added in many high end SUVs in the past 20 years.  Power adjustable seats and memory seat settings make it easy to adjust the driver’s cockpit for a multi-driver family with a switch of a button.  And being as we are in a cold weather state, heated seats quickly improve the comfort when heading out and the car isn’t completely warmed up.

Back Up Camera

By Altair78 (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons
SUVs have gotten larger than they were 20+ years ago.  The added technology and electronics have introduced back up cameras on more models, aiding in parallel parking, and protecting drivers from backing into other vehicles, shopping carts, or heaven forbid children or pets who may not be visible from the rear view mirror.

Leather Seats

Leather seats in a Ford Explorer

SUVs are not just rock crawlers, and many vehicle buyers are looking for some stylish and luxurious features.  Compared to cloth seats, leather seats are easier to clean away spills, pet hairs, and fast food crumbs.  A soft leather seat, is comfortable like a glove, and along with headed seats, they’re pretty comfortable in the winter months too!

Rear Passenger DVD Systems

Rear Passenger DVD System

The SUV is the vehicle of the modern American family.  Keep your children and rear passengers entertained through traffic, and long road trips.  These come standard on some models, or can be added as a aftermarket feature.  Some are mounted from the ceiling liner, and some are mounted on the front seat backs, allowing each passenger to have their preference of movies to watch.

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